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Established in 2013, Health for All is a one-stop Occupational Health Centre in Port Elizabeth. Health for All was founded after seeing the need to address the challenges that most industries face in dealing with Occupational Health. By having an array of services in one place, it results in the most convenient and phenomenal of services in this medical industry. Health for All is able to offer an extensive range of services so that we can cater for all companies regardless of their size and industry. We offer everything you need from your Occupational Health services – ranging from occupational medical surveillances, to psychological counselling and chest x-rays.

Our mission & vision

Health for All’s company vision and mission is to be amongst the best Occupational Health service providers in the world. They strive to become a global supplier of Occupational Health services spanning across all industry spheres.

Onsite Clinics

Health for All provides onsite clinics to their customers who require it for their companies. The onsite clinics are either used to complement the companies’ existing Occupational Health services, or to help improve or revolutionise companies’ health services as a whole.

Besides Occupational Health services, Health for All’s onsite clinics also provide services such as Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Orthotist. These clinics are provided for all industries, regardless of size.

Why occupational Health

Occupational Health is an interesting field of medicine as it embodies both the medical and legal aspects of it. The health practitioners in this field are constantly staying abreast of any medical developments and any changes to labour and medical law.

For businesses all over the world, Occupational Health used to just be subject to certain industries and it was more of a morale duty. Over the past three decades, however, this has changed and it is now a requirement of many industries to provide this service. Industries of all sizes are now providing this important service.

Occupational Health is also entrenched in the Health and Safety Act No 85 of 1993, Mine Health and Safety Act No 29 of 1995 and others.




Pre-Employment Medical Surveillance

This essential fitness medical evaluation is done to assess Job Applicants for fitness to work. It involves various investigations tailored to assess individual job applicants to ensure their ability to do the job they have applied for.

Periodic Medical Surveillance

This assessment serves the purpose of evaluating employees for fitness to work. The aim of this routine evaluation is to identify any medical and psychological factors that would be a hindrance in an employee’s ability to work safely without undue harm to self and others.

The evaluation is usually done on an annual basis, but can be sooner depending on the discretion of the health practitioner.

Exit Medical Surveillance

This evaluation is done on employees that are leaving the company for whatever reason. Whether they have resigned, retired, been dismissed or have expired contracts, they have to undergo this assessment.

This assessment serves the function of evaluating an employee for any illnesses that the employee has contracted as a result of his or her employment.

Medico-legal assessments

Medico-legal assessments provide an independent assessment of road accident claim and medical negligence matters relating to public liability and common law.

Seafarer (SAMSA) Medical Surveillance

Medical Practitioners must be accredited by SAMSA to conduct a medical exam for Seafarers.Only medical certificates provided by Accredited Medical Practitioners are accepted.

Mobile Medical Surveillance

Health for All specialises in the provision of on- and off-site Occupational Health and Safety Medical surveillance and screening services to all types of organisations.

Chronic Condition Monitoring

This service involves the periodic monitoring of employees’ chronic conditions to ensure that they remain fit to safely perform the job they have been employed to do.

HIV Management

HIV management in the world of work involves investigating, diagnosing and treating HIV. It also serves the purpose of educating employees about this dreaded disease in an effort to prevent them from contracting it and eliminating stigma and discrimination in the workplace associated with HIV and AIDS.

Who to contact for Occupational Health services: Dr M.T Jarana

Occupational Therapy is the practice of helping people with various disabilities to cope with and achieve everyday tasks. These disabilities range from those from birth, to those that are a result of accident injuries, diseases or old age.

Occupational therapists analyse their patients carefully in order to draw up treatment programmes that are unique to the patients’ needs and disabilities. The therapists then take the patient through the treatments to help them become more independent in their everyday lives.

Who to contact for Occupational Therapy: Thabisa Mbiza

Clinical psychologists counsel patients who are struggling with mental and physical disorders such as eating disorders, depression, addiction and bi-polar disorder – just to name a few. The psychologists counsel them in order to get an in-depth, psychological understanding of their situation and thoughts before providing the patient with a treatment plan in order for them to lead better lives.

Who to contact for Clinical Psychology:

Primary Health Care refers to your basic healthcare. Health for All offers this and they have a General Practitioner in the centre to provide the basic healthcare services to clients.

Health for All in Port Elizabeth Travel Clinic provides quality health care services such as:

  • Pre-travel consultation
  • Vaccinations and chemoprophylaxis
  • Post travel consultation

Contact us for more information with regards to our Travel Clinic.

Health for All in Port Elizabeth has a Vaccination Center facility with the latest vaccines for childhood and adult immunisations.

Yellow fever vaccine authorised by the Department of Health.

Contact us for more information on the latest vaccines for all age groups.


Health for All in Port Elizabeth offers an Injury on Duty (IOD) service. This service includes:

  • Injury on duty and Occupational disease assessments including completion of medical reports
  • Clinical Management of Injuries on duty and Occupational diseases
  • Submission of claims to the Compensation Commissioner of the Department of Labour.

Contact us  for any Injury on Duty queries.

SL Prolife Radiology – Dr Chuma Singata and Dr Zolelwa Pheza

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The personnel at Health for All are qualified and experienced doctors and therapists who provide professional services in their own specialty fields of medicine to companies and industries.

Dr. M.T. Jarana

Occupational Medical Practitioner


MBChB – Bachelor of Medicine

PGDLL – Postgraduate Diploma in Labour Law

PDM. HIV – Postgraduate Diploma in the Management of HIV/AIDS

DOH – Diploma in Occupational Health

Email:   jarana@healthforall.co.za

Tel:        041 466 3780

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Thabisa Mbiza

Occupational Therapist



Bachelor of Science: Occupational Therapy

Email:    thabisa.mbiza@gmail.com

Cell:       074 424 8997

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Doctors: Chuma Singata and Zolelwa Pheza




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